• Special Promotion at Kandy City Center

    2019-08-13 17:59:202019-08-13 18:01:402019-08-13 17:59:57


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  • Stay Trendy-Stay Stylish!

    2019-07-26 14:22:502019-07-26 14:29:252019-07-26 14:24:11

    Stay Trendy-Stay Stylish!

    That's right. The latest collection of 18Kt Gold & 3 colour chains are now in store! Collection starts at Rs. 11,900/-

    Visit our branches now & get discounts up to 40%!!!

    Offer valid till 31st July.

    Rush now to Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers!!

    0% Easy payment plans up to 60 months are avai...

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  • It's the 18Kt Gold Chain Bonanza!!

    2019-06-20 15:52:222019-07-22 15:54:342019-07-22 15:53:39

    It's the 18Kt Gold Chain Bonanza!!

    Get an unmatched Discount up to 20% on 18Kt Gold Chains and get an additional discount up to 25% on 22Kt Gold Pendants.

    Valid for a limited time only. 

    Rush now to Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers


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  • Birthstone of the month of June: Pearls

    2019-06-10 15:23:462019-07-22 15:41:372019-07-22 15:26:14

    Birthstone of the month of June: Pearls

    Check out the latest collection of pearl studded jewellery of the finest quality at #MallikaHemachandraJewellers

    You also can mix and match to make your own pearl collection from the wide range of pendants, ear studs, rings, chains and bracelets. 
    Meet with our designer and get your pear...

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  • Akshaya Tritiya 2019

    2019-05-07 15:46:342019-07-22 15:49:272019-07-22 15:47:58
    Akshaya Tritiya is an extremely auspicious day for investing in gold. It is a festival celebrated by millions across the world buying gold jewellery with the belief it will bring prosperity to their lives. 

    This Akshaya Tritiya, Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers offers great savings on 22Kt Gold Jewellery for you to make the perfect investment in fashio...
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  • Buying your favourite jewellery this Avurudu is just a Swipe away!

    2019-04-05 10:41:552019-04-07 10:36:572019-04-05 10:46:08

    Amazing Avurudu offers to buy your favourite Jewellery from Mallika Hemachadra Jewellers. Enjoy up to 40% discounts on Jewellery with this largest credit & debit card promotions by a Jeweller in Sri Lanka.

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  • Valentines Day Promotion - 2019

    2019-02-11 11:58:432019-02-11 13:21:272019-02-11 12:07:35

    The Perfect Jewellery to celebrarte Passion & Love.
    Introducing the newest Pearl Jewellery Collection, this Valentine's, by Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers.
    Gifts range starting at Rs. 5,000/-.
    Attractive Easy Payment Schemes are available for selected credit cards

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  • The best Gift that can be worn everyday

    2018-12-23 15:48:182018-12-23 15:52:252018-12-23 15:51:31

    The simplest things sometimes have the greatest impacts.
    Give your special ones a gift this season, something that will last them a lifetime. 
    20% Discount on Daily Wear collection at all Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers branches, so be sure to get something for each and everyone you love.


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  • Artisans Behind the Stunning Masterpieces

    2018-12-16 12:15:392018-12-16 12:21:572018-12-16 12:18:29

    On the 35th Day of Christmas, we give you the chance to meet our Bridal Designers, the artisans behind the Stunning Masterpieces of Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers.

    Visit our Bridal Studios at Horton Place, Nugegoda and Kandy City Center and our designers will be generous to share their ideas along with yours, to design the Perfect Jewellery for you.

    Get to know w...

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    2018-12-16 12:09:082018-12-16 12:23:442018-12-16 12:10:20


    Gift the ones that are dearest to you, the best of jewellery this festive season, for as low as Rs.300/- in December.

    Hurry visit our branches now. It's your one stop shop for all your Jewellery needs.

    Special offers for all bank credit cards, everyday till 31st of December.

    Special 0% Instalment sche...

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    2018-12-16 12:03:422018-12-16 12:05:282018-12-16 12:04:36


    50 Days of Christmas!!

    On the 32nd Day of Christmas, we offer the Gorgeous Brides to be an attractive Gold Exchange rate of Rs. 54,700/- per Sovereign, for all Bridal Jewellery purchases, from the 6th to the 9th December.

    Visit our Bridal Studios at Horton Place, Nugegoda & Kandy City Center and discover the latest and f...

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  • Free of Charge with one of the most sophisticated Gold Testing

    2018-12-16 11:57:142018-12-16 11:59:312018-12-16 11:58:56

    On the 29th Day of Christmas, we vouch for the Highest Quality of the Finest Gold, coupled with the Excellence of Craftsmanship, to offer a Life-long warranty for our Jewellery.

    Visit our Flagship Store at Horton Place till the 31st of December and test any Gold Jewellery item Free of Charge with one of the most sophisticated Gold Testing Machines in the country.

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  • Discover the Fabulous Diamond Jewellery

    2018-12-16 11:52:332018-12-16 11:55:522018-12-16 11:54:11

    On the 23rd Day of Christmas, we bring to you the Finest Diamonds weaved in the Finest Gold to create the Perfect Jewellery for the Season

    Head over to Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers today and discover the fabulous Diamond Jewellery


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  • Offer on Diamond Studded Jewellery

    2018-12-16 11:47:062018-12-16 11:49:292018-12-16 11:48:55

    50 Days of Christmas!

    On the 2nd Day of Christmas, we offer 20% Discount on Diamond Studded Jewellery, on Nations Trust Bank American Express Credit Cards.

    Offer valid till 31st December


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  • We Offer upto 20% Discount on Exquisit Jewellery

    2018-12-16 11:42:462018-12-16 11:45:042018-12-16 11:44:25

    50 Days of Christmas!

    On the 10th Day of Christmas, we offer upto 20% Discount on Exquisit Jewellery, on Hatton National Bank PLC Credit & Debit Cards.

    Special Interest-Free Instalment Plans are available*
    Offer valid till 31st December


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  • Our Latest Diamond Jewellery Collection

    2018-12-16 11:18:452018-12-16 11:20:532018-12-16 11:20:06

    50 Days of Christmas!

    On the 3rd Day of Christmas, we introduce our Latest Diamond Jewellery Collection, of Magnificent Diamonds weaved with the Finest Gold, to make the Perfect Christmas with a Perfect Gift.

    Attractive Offers & Promotions especially for you.

    Visit our Branches today!


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  • Bridal Packages by Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers

    2018-12-16 11:10:342018-12-16 11:13:202018-12-16 11:12:26

    Bringing you close to your Wedding Dreams!

    Bridal Packages by Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers.
    Starting at 97000/-.

    Visit our Bridal Studios at Horton place, Nugegoda & Kandy - City Center and meet our Jewellery Advisors today.

    Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers.


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    2018-12-09 10:46:152018-12-09 10:52:472018-12-09 10:46:47



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  • DFCC Bank Credit Cards Promotion

    2018-11-30 12:43:332018-11-30 12:48:472018-11-30 12:45:08

    On the 25th Day of Christmas, we offer DFCC BankCredit Card Holders an Exclusive 35% Discount on Exquisite Diamond Rings.

    Share the Perfect moment with your loved one this Season, with our Perfectly crafted Jewellery

    #50DaysOfChristmas #KeepTheCountdownAlive#OfficialChristmasJeweller#MallikaHemachandraJewellers


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  • Discount Weekend at Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers

    2018-07-21 10:55:462018-07-21 10:59:012018-07-21 10:57:05

    Be You. Be Unique on your day. Be the spotlight in the space you are with elegantly crafted and a truly rich-look  Bridal Jewellery. Exclusive discounts for bridal jewellery


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  • Gold Price Unchanged

    2018-04-24 17:43:202018-04-24 17:47:442018-04-24 17:45:57


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  • Avurudu Promotion 2018

    2018-04-02 11:37:332018-04-02 11:41:032018-04-02 11:38:18


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  • Sampath Credit Cards Offers - December 2017

    2017-12-24 15:28:192017-12-24 15:31:342017-12-24 15:30:47

    This Christmas season grab amazing discounts on our Jewellery with your Sampath Bank credit card! Offers valid till the 31st of December only.

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  • HSBC Credit Card Offers - December 2017

    2017-12-24 15:20:192017-12-24 15:25:412017-12-24 15:22:16

    This special Christmas season offers are for all HSBC credit card holders! Drop into any of our branches to receive these exclusive offers.Valid till the 31st of December only. #MallikaHemachandraJewellers #Jewellery #Christmas #offers

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  • Coloured Stones Jewellery Promotion

    2017-10-16 16:20:302017-10-16 16:23:282017-10-16 16:21:14

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  • Bridal Jewellery Promotion

    2017-10-16 16:13:592017-10-16 16:20:002017-10-16 16:14:33

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  • Diamond Rush at Majestic City Branch

    2017-10-07 15:51:432017-10-07 16:56:572017-10-07 15:52:37

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  • Gold Rush at Nugegoda Branch

    2017-09-23 12:12:472017-09-23 12:19:342017-09-23 12:14:26

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  • Special Bridal Jewellery promotion - Ja-Ela Branch

    2017-07-14 12:21:222017-07-14 12:26:542017-07-14 12:22:23


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  • Special Ramadan Promotion 2017

    2017-06-24 05:45:472017-06-24 05:49:272017-06-24 05:46:52

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  • Mother's Day Promotion

    2017-05-13 08:14:382017-05-13 08:31:082017-05-13 08:15:18

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  • Akshaya Trithiya Day Offer

    2017-04-22 06:37:392017-04-22 06:39:332017-04-22 06:38:51

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  • New Year Promotion

    2017-04-02 09:01:462017-04-21 10:38:072017-04-21 09:03:03

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  • Joy of Gifting - Flash Sale - Horton Place Branch

    2016-12-26 06:43:532016-12-26 06:51:142016-12-26 06:45:59

    Looking for the perfect gift this festive season? We've got you covered!
    FLASH SALE - Enjoy incredible discounts up 40%. Walk in to our branch at No. 73, Horton Place, Colombo 07. Offer valid on 26th, 27th & 28th only.

    So HURRY!


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  • Joy of Gifting - Flash Sale - KCC Kandy Branch

    2016-12-22 09:55:012016-12-26 05:24:552016-12-22 09:56:34

    Enjoy this amazing offer upto 40% discount. So, hurry & walk in to our KCC - Kandy Branch.

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  • Joy of Gifting - Flash Sale - WTC Branch

    2016-12-18 05:55:032016-12-18 05:56:392016-12-18 05:55:57

    Enjoy this amazing offer upto 40% discount. So, hurry & walk in to our WTC Branch.

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  • Joy of Gifting - Flash Sale - LP Branch

    2016-12-18 05:47:202016-12-18 05:52:312016-12-18 05:48:23

    Enjoy this amazing offer upto 40% discount. So, hurry & walk in to our Liberty Plaza Branch.

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  • Joy of Gifting - Flash Sale

    2016-12-15 13:23:182016-12-16 12:06:242016-12-15 13:23:47

    Enjoy this amazing offer upto 40% discount. So, hurry & walk in to our Branch.


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  • Nugegoda Branch Flash Sale

    2016-12-15 06:34:162016-12-15 06:37:012016-12-15 06:35:55

    Enjoy this amazing offer up to 40% discount. So, hurry & walk in to our Nugegoda Branch.

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  • Eid Mubarak

    2016-07-06 08:46:222016-07-06 08:50:402016-07-06 08:47:26

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  • Colourful Discounts

    2016-04-06 00:25:132016-04-06 00:32:422016-04-06 00:26:04

    Colourful Discounts


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  • Enjoy a Sweet Gift with Every Purchase

    2016-02-14 04:00:172016-02-14 04:04:082016-02-14 04:01:51

    This month of love enjoy a sweet gift with every purchase at your favorite Jeweler...

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  • Enjoy Special Discounts

    2016-02-14 03:57:012016-02-14 03:59:032016-02-14 03:57:59

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  • Love Is in the Air

    2016-02-14 03:51:422016-02-14 04:06:492016-02-14 03:52:01

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  • All I Want for Christmas is Pink

    2015-12-10 07:35:252016-02-13 07:38:402016-02-13 07:37:46

    All I Want for Christmas is Pink


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  • Seasons' Biggest Treat

    2015-12-07 07:19:052016-02-13 07:28:212016-02-13 07:19:39

    Seasons' Biggest Treat

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  • Wedding Ring with GIA Certification

    2015-05-01 07:31:002016-02-13 07:41:292016-02-13 07:32:49

    Wedding Ring with GIA Certification


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  • Bridal Magic Collection

    2015-01-01 07:25:262016-02-13 07:29:362016-02-13 07:26:50

    Bridal Magic Collection

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  • Bridal Magic

    2015-01-01 03:33:452016-02-13 07:39:312016-01-11 03:34:20

    Bridal Magic

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  • Viwaha 300

    2015-01-01 03:24:462016-02-13 07:40:272016-01-11 03:26:38

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