The blossoming of a jewellery business

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Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers have been a mainstay of the jewellery business in Colombo since 1968. But it was only in the 1990s that they expanded to other parts of the country. They now have branches in Ja-ela, Kandy and even Maldives as well as outlets at the World Trade Centre, Liberty Plaza, Majestic City and Nugegoda along with their main showroom in Horton Place, Colombo 7.

Opening up a jewellery showroom consisting of her own designs was Mallika Hemachandra’s dream which she achieved in 1968. Expanding her mother’s business and bringing it into the 21st century was Chamindri Hemachandra’s dream, which she started in the mid ’90s and is still working on. The Ceylon FT caught up with Chamindri Hemachandra on her role at Mallika Hemachandra’s and her hopes and aspirations for the business.


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