Our Code of Conduct at the Front Office


  • Greet and welcome customer in a friendly manner.
  • Smile, maintain enthusiasm and presentable outlook.
  • Put customer needs and requirements first.
  • Converse in a language preferred by customer.
  • Listen to customer patiently to understand his / her Jewellery needs and requirements.
  • Resolve customer requirements at the first point of contact and if it is not possible, direct to the correct person who can assist.
  • Indicate the estimated time it takes to complete customer requirement and endeavor to comply with it.
  • Keep our branches clean & tidy so that customer can be served easily and efficiently.
  • Handover the jewellery item in desired condition after going through the QC process.
  • Seek customer feedback on our service standard.
  • Inquire if there is anything else we could help the customer with.
  • Thank the customer for selecting our services.
  • Greet the customer at the point of departure.


  • Make customers feel unwelcome or unattended.
  • Use abusive or obscene language with customer.
  • Talk aloud across the counters to disturb others.
  • Eat food or drink beverages inside office premises.
  • Behave in an unprofessional manner in front of the customer.
  • Leave customers unattended with idling sales staff in branches.
  • Hesitate to go that extra mile for special needs of customer.
  • Leave any documents on the counter for customer to pickup rather we hand them over with both hands.
  • Hesitate to admit and acknowledge any mistakes or shortcoming that may have occurred unintentionally.
  • Keep customers in the dark with regard to progress of their requirement.
  • Let personal anxiety or issues be portrayed in our body language when serving a customer.
  • Stop or hinder customers when they want to escalate or complain.
  • Differentiate customers rather treat all in a standard and best possible way.

          OUR PROMISE ……

  • Lifetime exchange of jewellery.
  • Lifetime repair of jewellery.
  • 100% certified jewellery with a life time guarantee.
  • State of art gold testing machine.
  • Free testing of jewellery.
  • Over 400 designs of Pendants and Ear Studs in every Branch.
  • Over 50 years in the jewellery industry.
  • Design your own jewellery with MHJ.
  • Quality jewellery @ affordable price.